Monday, 3 June 2013

Ajusting to the new baby

Bringing a New baby home always requires adjusting to,
In our house the one adjusting the most is our 1 year old.
To help her adjust we have allowed her to help with diaper changing and feeding the baby.she enjoys this for a short time then wants away from the baby.Giving her time with the baby helps her adjust to the baby being a part of her life.I also feel it makes her feel special seeing as mommy does these things and now she does to.
I've made sure to have just her and me time while the baby rest,we cuddle and play like old times so she doesn't feel left out from these daily event we've shared.

She doesn't like the baby using her blankets that's for sure lol no pass me down blankets in this house,she will say "mama mama "
over and over until she receives the blanket back.So new blankets were purchased and she seems happy with this.

Baby's skin needing extra moisture I've been putting baby lotion on her and now my one year old as well,she doesn't want to left out of anything the baby has and i don't mind accommodating to this.Along with needing her bottle at the same time or changing her clothes when baby is changed.It's a lot of work getting both done at the same time but if it helps her then it's worth it.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Checking in

Hey Everyone sorry been so long just getting the house settled now that number 6 is here.

her name is oceanna braelynn elizabeth but ocean for short.
she is ajusting well to our busy household,everyone is helping out and things are running smoothly.I'll be blogging more later today about how my 1 year old is ajusting and a few funny things that have happened.

till then later

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Updated reward chart

I updated our reward chart and rewards.its going great so far and the kids are adjusting to the new ways of earning Xbox ,computer and tv time.i felt we were using these devices way to much for we need complete task and earn points for time on these.
Some might think this is mean but I feel kids are over doing usage and not using there brains or physical activities enough,so I've changed that in my house

Friday, 17 May 2013

8 day count down

Well my due date is finally almost here !!!
I can't wait to see my new baby girl,we've got everything ready now it's the waiting game.Everywhere I go I'm told I look ready to pop.i'm usually 120 pounds with this baby I'm at 184 and my body is dealing with the weight fairly well I suppose lol. I've got her name all picked oceanna braelynn Elizabeth :) ocean for short.

Ice creme fun :)

Today I finally gave in and let my 1year old have some chocolate ice creme ,she had a blast as I'm sure you can tell.
When was your child's ice creme fun? 
Was it as messy ? Lol

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Family Day fun

My husband works a lot so when he has time off we try to have a day just for us to spend time and have fun.We have desert dinner and supper lunch lol a fun idea I learned threw a parenting magazine. 
( kids love it) We go to the local park or play family sports.
 ( hockey is a big fab in our house )
Quality time is very important and we make the best of our time off from work and life's not so fun events.